How To Buy Modafinil Online

You will be able to find multiple local drug stores that may be selling Modafinil over the counter but how to buy Modafinil online without prescription or with prescription.

Register an account with the online pharmacy that sells Provigil if you do not have an account with the site. Search for the drug and choose the dose and add them to the cart.

After adding the required dose to the cart, the page will redirect you to the checkout page; provide your banking details and pay. Once you have made the payment, the ordered drug will be delivered to the address that you have provided.

As said earlier, Provigil (Modafinil) is the crown prince of smart drugs and is also one of the renowned drugs for studying. As the drug is used to treat sleepiness and also helps in improving memory, concentration, focusing, it has become one of the most sorted drugs. As it is a prescription drug, most of the school students and college students buy the drug online without a prescription. While they buy Provigil cheap online without the consent of the doctor, on the long run, the drug might lead to adverse side effects.

So before you Buy Provigil Without Prescription, enlighten yourself with a small research that has been conducted in Malaysia.

Here is a small research that has been conducted in School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Thirty two people were given Modafinil and another 32 were given placebo. The study was a double blind study, so both the participants and the researches did not to whom Modafinil was given and to whom placebo was given.

Finally all the participants were given the well-known neuropsychological task, called the Hayling Sentence Completion Test, in which the participants had to complete a sentence by filling the missing words as fast as they could.

The results were astonishing that participants who took Modafinil were not able to solve the problem as fast and the response time was considerably slow comparing to that of the participants who took placebo. So if you are planning to buy generic Modafinil online for concentration and study purposes, the drug would make smart for a shorter period but on the long run, smart isn’t going to be your type of art.