Modafinil For Sleeping Disorders

When it comes to different medication in different parts of the world, very often countries blindly ban medication or put really strong legal bindings for the person not to obtain the needed medication. In each country it very varies for what and which medication, and when it comes to Modafinil it is very difficult to obtain.

There is a strict law that only people who have narcolepsy may take it; if you have other sleeping disorders, even if they are treated the same with the same medications and treatment, you cannot get a Modafinil prescription.

Modafinil is only used and prescribed in cases where the patient cannot undergo therapy with dexamphetamine sulfate, particularly if it causes an unacceptable medical risk or intolerance to the medication (allergy for instance) and where a permanent medication is needed as the patient is under severe necessity.

Reasons why you would be shifted onto Modafinil include if you have a psychiatric disorder, cardiac disorders, history of substance abuse, glaucoma or any other contradictions described in the TGA-approved Product Information.

To be fully diagnosed with narcolepsy, and thus receive a prescription for Modafinil, the patients must meet these 3 conditions: excessive daytime sleepiness, recurring naps or lapses into sleep which should be occurring nearly every day for at least 3 months or a definite history of cataplexy, and have results from a Multiple Sleep Latency Test with a mean sleep latency of less than or exactly 8 minutes or a mean sleep latency without a history which is less or exactly 8 minutes and 2 or more sleep onset rapid eye movements (REM periods).

Afterwards nocturnal polysimnography must be done. Before the MSLT the sleeping time of the patient should at least be 6 hours and after that you need documentation allowing Modafinil to be prescribed in your case.

For nearly all of the people suffering from Sleeping Disorders, it is very complicated to get Modafinil in such cases and very cumbersome as well, which raises questions like ‘what should you do’? Out of all options, ordering online is encouraged. Keep in mind that you should be able to prove that your orders are for personal use only.

While this doesn’t mean you need a prescription, it might look a little suspicions if you order 600 units. You can try the procedure as well and see how it goes, but either way, you shouldn’t give up, and see what are the options as there are always alternatives and try to find out in the area or doctors which have prescribed it or other people which got prescriptions or documents so that the customs do not take the medicine over and then you can easily fight your day away.