Modafinil Interactions

Contraindications are manufacturer warnings that concern drug interactions or something stated as inadvisable when taking a particular medication. An example of this would be not taking sleeping pills if before you drive your transport truck for work. Modafinil is a pretty safe medication but nearly all drugs have some contraindications users should be aware of.

The following are some warnings from the manufacturer of Modafinil:

  • If the user is hypersensitive to the medication in any form
  • If there is a history of cardiovascular trouble that is noticeable when taking a stimulant of some kind.
  • Any form of Cirrhosis of the liver can be problematic
  • Symptomatic cardio problems such as Left ventricular hypertrophy or Mitral valve prolapse
  • Not showing any symptoms of disease or ailments could be the case but there is little if any discussion of this regarding modafinil so consultation with a physician in vital

Little known fact also not discussed in any modafinil literature is the binding agent used to create the medication. It is made with wheat gluten so no one who has an allergy or suffers from Celiac Disease should take Modafinil.

The FDA issued pertinent warnings also including a warning about angioedema and multi organ hypersensitivity adverse responses have been detailed in after market incidence. Provigil (Modafinil) has stated that modafinil may cause “serious skin reactions”.

As discussed earlier there has been successful transition from elevated doses of stimulants to Modafinil protocols. Anyone suffering from high anxiety must be cared for cautiously since modafinil could worsen their situation. This could necessitate the co-use of some anxiolytic or a drug to relieve anxiety.

Anyone suffering from blood pressure problems must seek to regulate their condition before commencing any treatment of Modafinil or stimulants of any kind for that matter. Patients need to have an open dialogue with their primary health care provider about all possible drug interactions that could occur with modafinil since it may interrelate with a good many medications, including health supplements.

There really is very little knowledge of how Modafinil will affect a pregnant women or breast feeding mother. There have been some animal studies that returned data showing large amounts of modafinil could increase the probability of birth defects. There have not been any in depth studies or sufficient professionally supervised drug trials on pregnant women.

The risk to benefit ratio must be measured by a physician to give good reason for potentially harming the fetus. Conditions may necessitate that risk.

Nor is it understood if metabolized Modafinil elements are discharged into breast milk. Once again, prudent choices need to be made by nursing mothers. Modafinil could also increase the risk of pregnancy to women taking contraceptives since their effectual results may be reduced.

One should be careful when consuming alcohol with Modafinil. There is no data yet compiled on the effects of an alcohol and modafinil combination so certain resources suggest avoiding the mix.