Modafinil Provigil Dosage

Every person’s body is unique, and very often the medicine’s leaflet just covers the most common ways a person can take it. These ways are not necessarily the most effective for all people, but the most common and safest too.

Very often people ask doctors about different ways to take their medication, as its performance may be increased by taking it at a specific time – for instance one hour prior to work or sometimes fifteen minutes before it is enough; the box won’t really specify the exact time and neither will it guess what’s the best for you, as we are all unique and very different. The leaflets which are given are mere guidelines which help us understand if that is the right routine and most effective for us.

This doesn’t mean that the basic guidelines are bad, just that perhaps there are better alternatives for you and eventually we all develop a specific time of the day we take the medicine, for example. Also, don’t forget that there may be a difference if you are taking your Modafinil (Provigil) dosage on an empty or full stomach as this sometimes influences the speed of absorption. Through trial and error, make sure to see which one is more effective or if that’s “too effective” for you. If you feel that your dose is too strong or weak and takes too long to kick in even after lowering it, consumption of food prior which is either slowing down or speeding up the process.

Some people find their Modafinil dosage works better for them when taken once every two days. In these cases, it becomes more beneficial to them as the medication still stays in their body, keeping them awake for just enough without disrupting their night sleep – even if it’s good that a Modafinil user is awake, insomnia shouldn’t be your new sleepiness problem.

Many people find their own ways of making it better and in many cases people find their routine after a while, either through cycling or just spacing out doses. Cycling is a more urban term which is frequently used in the internet where people describe exactly how they use Modafinil through scheduling doses to their own individual needs and adapting to your body rather than blindly following the box’s indication.

Of course, the classic knack to Modafinil dosage is where some people find the ideal dose varying from 50 mg to 400 mg, so it really goes from person to person and it becomes more of a trial as our bodies work differently and different people want different results as well.

Some people find that taking it with coffee is more effective, while others stay entirely away from coffee – some things (like coffee) may also have placebo effects, but whatever works and helps goes, as long as it is done cautiously and within your limits. You are free to explore with food, time and dosage.